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Climbing in Sardinia in your summer holidays

holidays in Sardinia and free climbing


Arrampicare a Masua


The sardinian sea and the beaches are unique and attractive with their perfect colors and atmosphere.

If you visit Sardinia during summer you can’t miss to go by the sea. But we suggest you don’t opt out climbing because of the summer heat, look for sectors in the shade where you can have enjoyable climbing time.

Here our selection of sectors  where you can climb in your summer holidays in Sardinia. All crags are really close to the sea and to the city of Cagliari, in the South West of Sardinia.


Climbing in the Morning and going to the beach in the afternoon

The crags in the shade in the morning are in the area of Buggerru, in the Canyon of Gutturu Cardaxiu. We suggest the west side of the crags Istentales,  Banana Republic and Piccolo Canyon. The wonderful beach of Cala Domestica is just 5 kilometers away.

Cala Domestica

Cala Domestica

Close to the beaches of  Masua, the crag of Torrioni is in the shade in the morning. Here the rock is a fantastic white limestone. Just mind the equipment of the pitches that could be not so comfortable.


In the area of Domusnovas (20 km from the beach of Funtanamare) there are a lot of crags in the shade in the morning: AnimalhouseRuota del Tempo, Sherwood Area, Chemical Area.

visiting the beach in the morning and climbing in the afternoon

Masua is a wonderful place in terms of sea, besides climbing. After exploring is clean and blue sea bottom, you can climb in the unique crag of Masua, in the sector Castello dell’Iride or at Wild Cadapria, both in the shade from 5 pm.

Pollo Positivo

Pollo Positivo

In the shade in the afternoon are also the crags of Punta Pilocca, more in the countryside, and the Amante Stregata del CAI. If you are in Domusnovas, Chinatown and Rifondazione Strapiombista worth a visit.

Put your climbing shoes in your luggage and go to Southern Sardinia.
Obviously contact us if you need support!

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