Domusnovas offers climbers a choice of more than 20 crags and over 550 pitches. It is a real sport climbing paradise with a wide enough range of rocks, types of climb, exposure and difficulties to make the area an inexhaustible source of climbing opportunities.

The setting, hidden and shaded by Mediterranean bushes, also makes this area a delight for climbers for whom enjoying nature is an important feature of the sport. All this is just a few kilometers from the town, and some sectors can be reached in minutes. Such is the embarrassment of riches that you can choose a crag to suit your preferences.  If overhangs are your thing, the Bronx is the sector for you, but bear in mind that it is a favorite playground of really Big Climbers, like Adam Ondra, who was the first to climb Italy’s hardest pitch (a 9a+/b).
Really close to the Bronx, and somewhat easier, you could try Canneland or the spectacular Tana delle Tigri (“Tigers’ Den”).  Other crags for overhang lovers are Animalhouse, Free-Sex, Sexy Shop and Rifondazione Strapiombista.
If it rains, you could climb at the iconic crag of the Ruota del Tempo, with gorgeous pitches of medium difficulty. If you prefer a vertical face, Castilandia, Chinatown, Placchissima Barraxiutta and Technicolor are the sectors for you.
Several crags offer multiple levels of difficulty (for the most demanding, but also for beginners) such as Cartoonia, Arrampicantro, Baby Parking, Sherwood Area and Castello di Betty.


Name Rate Equipment Aspect Time of access Season
Animal House ●●●●○ ●●● W tra 10 e 20 SPR AUT
Arrampicantro ●●●●○ ●●● E < 10 SUM SPR AUT WIN
Baby Parking ●●●●○ ●●● SW tra 10 e 20 SPR AUT WIN
Bambini Francesi ●●●●○ ●●● W < 10 SUM SPR AUT
Broadway ●●●●○ ●●● E tra 10 e 20 SUM SPR AUT
Bronx ●●●○○ ●●● N < 10 SUM SPR AUT
Canneland ●●●●○ ●●● EW < 10 SUM SPR AUT WIN
Cartoonia ●●●○○ ●●● S tra 10 e 20 WIN
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