Climbing areas

A climbing holiday in Sardinia can’t miss out the South West area of the island. This is why it is currently the only climbing area mapped on this site. The sectors around Iglesias and Domusnovas are among Sardinia’s real climbing treasures, but still not very popular, well known or well regarded by climbers.
It can be the base  for a wonderful free climbing holiday in Sardinia, from the sectors of Iglesias, with the most spectacular cliffs overlooking the sea, such as  the Castello dell’Iride at Masua, to the beautiful crag of Punta Pilocca.
On your climbing trip in South Sardinia, you can’t miss the area of Domusnovas, which, with more than 20 crags and 550 pitches, has something to suit every palate. Nor should you miss the Canyon of Buggerru, which offers climbing sectors of all levels of difficulty. Come on , what are you waiting for?