Muro dei Folletti  PDF

The crag of Muro dei Folletti (“Wall of the Goblins”) offers beautiful routes of overhangings and pipes, but there are also the easiest pitches on the left side of the sector.


From Iglesias take the SS 126 until km 54.100 to Fluminimaggiore follow a small road on the right that with a distance of about 1.5 km leads to the archaeological site of the temple of Antas. From here, take the dirt road. When you arrive at a T-junction turn left towards Arenas. Going straight, after some ups and downs, you see the crag of Punta Pilocca on the left, locate a sign indicating Punta Pilocca hanging from a tree. Continue by car to the flat where you can see the remains of the mines, then take the first road on the left that rises quickly and makes a bend to the left, short straight and when the road bends to the right you can park close at the curve. Find a trail that goes into the woods (stone cairns) and you will soon reach the first pitchs of the crag Amante Stregata del CAI. Turn left under the crag until you reach a cave, hence using the strings you pass a boulder to exit from the opposite side, descend briefly and you follow the path that quickly leads to the the crag. It can also take a more direct path by parking just after the sign of Punta Pilocca and follow a canal that leads directly to the Muro dei Folletti, sometimes there are stone cairns.

RateLegenda: ●●●●○
Aspect: SW
Sun: afternoon
EquipmentLegenda: ●●○
Season: SPR AUT
Time of access: tra 10 e 20 minuti
Climbing: overhanging
ParkingLegenda: ●●●
Dry climbing in the rain: No
Fit for families: No
For beginners: No
GPS Crag: 39.3974026575 N 8.5517406464 E
GPS Parking: 39.3977400614 N 8.5544862226 E





Number Name Grade Length [m] Rate First ascensionist Year Notes
1 La saga dei Pistis 5b 20 ●●○○○ Congiu partenza in comune con Feffola… poi si sposta a sx, sosta in comune con Feffola e 70 volte…
2 Feffola vado a scalare! 5a 20 ●●○○○ Congiu sosta in comune con 70 volte…
3 70 volte alla settimana 5c 20 ●●○○○ Congiu
4 Geometria di un sorriso 5c 70 ●●●○○ Oviglia
5 Tutti gli uomini del presidente 6a 25 ●●●○○ Congiu
6 I soliti stronzetti 6a 25 ●●●○○ Congiu
7 Movigli@on the net 6a+ 25 ●●●○○ Congiu sosta in comune con Perforatori…
8 Perforatori combattenti 6b+ 25 ●●○○○ Congiu sosta in comune con Movigli@on
9 Romantici e Koraggiosi 6c+ 30 ●●●○○ Caddeo sosta in comune con Legittimo…
10 Legittimo sospetto 7a 30 ●●○○○ Caddeo sosta in comune con Romantici…
11 Tziu Gianky 7b 30 ●●●○○ Oviglia sosta in comune con I muscoli…
12 I muscoli del capitano 7a+ 30 ●●●○○ Caddeo sosta in comune con Tziu
13 The premier 6c 30 ●●●○○ Caddeo sosta in comune con Leningrado
14 Leningrado 6c+ 30 ●●○○○ Caddeo sosta in comune con The Premier
15 Gentle Giant 6c+ 25 ●●●○○ Caddeo
16 Robbotteddu 7a 15 ●●○○○ Oviglia sosta in comune con Spiritual
17 Spiritual Climber 7b 15 ●●●○○ Oviglia sosta in comune con Robbotteddu
18 Milanese D.O.C. 6b+ 15 ●●○○○ Caddeo sosta in comune con MDF
19 MDF 6a+ 15 ●●○○○ Oviglia sosata in comune con Milanese è realizzato dal B&B Pedra Rubia, nel Sud Ovest della Sardegna ( e Big Alpine Guide, Guida Alpina in Sardegna e sulle Alpi (