Climbing in Iglesias offers some of the greatest treasures of Sardinian rock climbing with some of the most spectacular crags of the island. Best of all,  the crag of Masua with the Castello dell’Iride, a fantastic limestone crag close to the sea, with pitches at all levels in a beautiful, peaceful environment.

Another gem is the compact and perfect cliff of Punta Pilocca, a shield of gray stone with all grades from 5 to 8, and various types of climbing, from vertical to overhang. The unspoiled wilderness and the scenic journey by car to reach the crag also make Punta Pilocca a much-appreciated tourist stop purely for its natural beauty. A few meters from Punta Pilocca there are the crags of the Amante Stregata del CAI, recently bolted by the Italian Alpine Club, with smooth pitches to suit all tastes. The last sector, the Muro dei folletti (Wall of the Goblins), which opens like an enchanted garden over a cave, is a marvel of challenging vertical pitches,  but also basic routes on a rock face with pre-drilled holes. Other notable rock climbing sectors (among the 16 available, with about 400 routes) are the Torrioni di Masua, majestic stone towers a few kilometers from the sea. They offer more than 60 pitches with a wide variety of difficulties on a perfect, pearly limestone. The scenery is breathtaking and the exposure to the West, with shade in the morning, makes the Torrioni a great summer crag.


Name Rate Equipment Aspect Time of access Season
Amante Stregata del CAI ●●●●○ ●●○ E tra 10 e 20 SPR AUT
Baila con Daphne ●●●●○ ●●● N < 10 SUM SPR AUT WIN
Baila con Daphne (settore basso) ●●○○○ ●●○ N < 10 SUM SPR AUT WIN
Baila con Daphne (settore alto) ●●●○○ ●●○ N tra 10 e 20 SUM SPR AUT WIN
Brasileiro ●●●●○ ●●● W tra 10 e 20 SUM SPR AUT WIN
Hollywood ●●●●○ ●●● W < 10
Il Pentagono ●●●○○ ●●○ W tra 10 e 20 SUM SPR AUT WIN
Masua - Castello dell'Iride ●●●●● ●●● SE tra 10 e 20 SPR AUT WIN
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