Banana Republic  PDF

The crag Banana Republic has two opposite sectors, one with climbing hard on overhanging rock, the other on gray slabs with easier grades (from the pitches 14 to 22). Look at the gallery to discover this exciting sector.


From Iglesias go to Masua (Nebida), at the crossroad of Masua and Buggerru, you should follow for Buggerru. Just before the turning for Cala Domestica turn right onto a dirt road. After about 2.5 km from the beginning of the dirt road you reach the sector Istentales (throat becomes narrower, and the left pitches depart directly from the street). Go up a short uphill untill you arrive at the crag “Piccolo Canyon”, just visible above the road on the left. Continue over until you get to the crag of Marangigio that you can recognize from the large open space at the base of the sector and the fig tree which is in the middle of the wall. It ‘s better to park 10 meters after the crag. Just going beyond this area you can reach the crag of Banana Republic recognizable from the wall smooth and striated on one side and gray slabs that start directly from the street on the other.

RateLegenda: ●●●●●
Aspect: EW
Sun: double aspect
EquipmentLegenda: ●●●
Time of access: < 10 minuti
Climbing: vertical slab
ParkingLegenda: ●●○
Dry climbing in the rain: No
Fit for families: No
For beginners: No
GPS Crag: 39.376174877 N 8.4444522858 E
GPS Parking: 39.376174877 N 8.4444522858 E





Number Name Grade Length [m] Rate First ascensionist Year Notes
1 Al Tappone project 20 ●●●○○ Mocci 2009
2 Lo psiconano 7c 20 ●●●○○ Oviglia 2009
3 Prese…. Piccole 8b 20 ●●●○○ Oviglia 2008
4 Frottolandia project 20 ●●●○○ Oviglia 2008
5 Cosa Nostra project 20 ●●●○○ Oviglia 2008
6 Il quarto potere 7c+ 20 ●●○○○ Oviglia 2008 sosta in comune con Cosa Nostra
7 Fessbuk 7b+ 25 ●●●○○ Oviglia 2008 si collega a Il quarto potere
8 Vox Populi 7b 18 ●●●●○ Oviglia 2008 difficile singolo in allungo
9 Gomorra 7b 20 ●●●○○ Oviglia 2008 partenza in comune con Vox Populi poi si sposta a dx
10 Povera Patria 7a+ 20 ●●●○○ Oviglia 2008
11 Baby Dull 7a 30 ●●●○○ Oviglia 2009 sosta in comune con Banana Republic. Tiro di continuità con movimenti sbilancianti.
12 Banana Republic 6c 30 ●●●○○ Oviglia 2009 sosta in comune con Baby Dull
13 Voglio Scendere 6b+ 30 ●●○○○ Oviglia 2008 tiro vario di soddisfazione
14 Lodo Alfano 6a 15 ●●○○○ Oviglia 2009 diedro atletico
15 Spadani 6a 15 ●●○○○ Fonnesu 2009
16 Il Pikkonatore 6a+ 15 ●●○○○ Fonnesu 2009 singolo di difficile interpretazione
17 Ustica 6a 20 ●●●○○ Fonnesu 2009
18 Toghe Rosse 6a 25 ●●●○○ Fonnesu 2009
19 Tangentopoli 6b 25 ●●●○○ Fonnesu 2009 placca a buchi con passaggio delicato in aderenza
20 Gladio 6a 25 ●●●○○ Fonnesu 2009
21 Governo Ladro 5c 30 ●●○○○ Fonnesu 2009 placca a lame e buchi con traverso tecnico
22 La casta 5b 33 ●●●○○ Fonnesu 2009 muro a buchi di facile interpretazione è realizzato dal B&B Pedra Rubia, nel Sud Ovest della Sardegna ( e Big Alpine Guide, Guida Alpina in Sardegna e sulle Alpi (